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    Blackstone River Glass Center



Glass Blowing Rentals

Hot Shop Rental Fees

Glory Holes

10" Gloryhole: $45 per hour

12" Gloryhole: $50 per hour

20" Gloryhole: $60 per hour


There is a 3 hour minimum on all rentals.

Rentals include 12 Hour Annealing, Blocks, and Paddles

2 Pipes, 2 Punties:  $15 per day

Bench Tools (Full Set): $15 per day

Glass usage: 5 lbs per hour. $4.00 per additional lb.

Large Propane Torch: $10 for 3 hours

Hot Torch (Oxy/Propane): $15 hourly

An active gloryhole heating up in the hot shop

Flame Shop Rental Fees
Coming Soon...

$25 / hour

Includes torch, hand tools, and annealing

Glass Color/Tubing for Sale

Call 401. 773-3181 to book.

Slumping & Fusing

Student using hand tools to torch a piece of metal

$15/ hour plus firing

Please call 401.773-3181 to Book.

Cold Shop

 $25/ hour minimum half hour rental. Cold Shop Equipment includes 12" diamond grinding wheel, belt sander, sandblaster, glass drill press, and mold making area.

$120/ day with full day rental (7hrs)

Kiln - $45/ 24 hour cycle

Geometric shapes made in the Cold Shop
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