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Rhode Island's Unique Glass Blowing Artistry at Blackstone River Glass Center

About the Artists

Terence Dubreuil and Rebecca Zhukov are both full time professional artists and owners of Providence Art Glass. Each is prolific in wide range of materials. Between the two of them is a vast knowledge of glass, ceramics, sculpture, metal-working, woodworking, and design. Each has a love for teaching and sharing their knowledge of craft and creating mentor/apprentice relationships.

Blackstone River Glass was created to be a state of the art glass studio but it is more than just that. It is also home to other artists that work in all disciplines of glass. Aside from a full glassblowing studio, BRG will be offering classes in lampworking, casting, slumping/fusing and basic metal-working. We look forward to bringing students in from our neighborhoods and beyond to experience an art form that is not offered in any traditional education environment. BRG believes that through learning comes strength and dedication and satisfies our natural sense of curiosity.

Blackstone River Glass Center has a stellar team of professional craftsmen and educators.

Terence Dubreuil and Rebecca Zhukov
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